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New homes for Wilford Road, Ruddington

Vehicle access

A single new vehicle access off Wilford Road will serve the development and a spine road through the site will distribute traffic to all parts of the development.

A highways capacity analysis has shown that a single access off Wilford Road would accommodate predicted traffic volumes in and out of the new development and onto the local highways network without increasing local queues or delays.


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Car parking

There will be sufficient off-street and on-street car parking and visitor parking spaces in the new development with many of the new homes having garages. Parking space numbers will in line with local authority parking standards and policies.

Cycling, walking and public transport

To promote a healthy lifestyle and to minimise short car journeys, pedestrian and cycle routes through the new development will be created to link to existing routes into Ruddington village centre.

In addition, nearby bus stops on Wilford Road will provide public transport options into the village centre and to Nottingham.