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Flood risk

New homes for Wilford Road, Ruddington

A flood-mitigation strategy has been created to remove any risk of flooding of the new homes or existing properties adjacent to the site.

To do this, extensive earth works will be carried out to lower the land levels north of the Packman Dyke and raise levels south of the watercourse to create a development platform that would be out of the floodplain area.

The Packman Dyke will be diverted to create a more natural watercourse and a balancing pond will be created for storm water storage and controlled discharge.

A flood mitigation area to the western part of the community open space area will be created comprising new land drainage and an ecological wetland and meadow area.

The creation of an interceptor ditch alongside Wilford Road will ensure that any flood water runoff across Wilford Road would be conveyed into the Packman Dyke, without risk of flooding to the development.

Sustainable Drainage Systems, or SuDS, will be used to control surface water run-off from roofs and paved areas of the new development. A range of measures including open swales will also be introduced.

Flood risk mitigation

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