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New homes for Wilford Road, Ruddington


Existing trees and hedgerows around the site will be retained and enhanced with new planting and landscaping to create a network of green and open spaces through the development.

A landscaped green open space in front of the housing closest to Wilford Road will allow views across the field to the north and create a sense of a “green gateway” into Ruddington.

The future landscaping around the new homes is important not only to reflect the natural features of the site, but also to create an attractive setting for the new homes. Hedges and soft landscaping will help create a variety of characteristic streetscapes and the roads within the development will encourage mindful driving.

Keyworth streetscapes 1

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Community open space

The land to the north of the Packman Dyke watercourse would be transformed from farmland to open space for public use and set aside for the enjoyment of the local community.

This community open space that would be protected against future development could be available for sports pitches and for informal play or general recreation.