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Location and planning

New homes for Wilford Road, Ruddington

The site

The site covers around 44 acres (17.8 hectares) and the land is currently used for farming.

The land is controlled by Bloor Homes and it is proposed that the site is divided into two parts along the line of the watercourse that runs east-west across the site.

Land to the south of the watercourse and adjacent to the existing housing along the northern boundary of the village would be used for the new homes. Land to the north of the dyke will be landscaped with flood alleviation measures to provide community open space.

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Why this site?

Rushcliffe’s draft Local Plan Part 2 sets where and when new homes, jobs and infrastructure will be delivered across the Borough.

This site has been allocated for future housing development as Policy 6.1 of the Council’s Land and Planning Policies within the Local Plan Part 2.

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Why now?

Bloor Homes is bringing this site forward in line with Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Local Plan that sets a target of 13,150 new homes across the Borough for the period to 2028.

The current proposals will therefore directly help meet Rushcliffe Council’s target for new housing.

The Government requires local authorities to demonstrate a five-year land supply for new housing, so a new development of around 170 dwellings within this proposed allocation area will help to deliver the Council’s overall target and meet the local need for new housing in Ruddington.